Happy Mail Day #4

It’s interesting how I made friends by blogging! Last week I received lovely watercolor prints made by my blogging friend Jodi from USA! She is such an inspiration to me! When I first saw her blog I wanted to grow up and be like her! Now I know, that everything is in my hands! She is a beautiful person in and out and I would love to meet her one day!

Jodi, thank you so much for such a beautiful artworks to my kitchen! It would be lovely to see your artwork every day!

I hope you receive my package soon!


5 thoughts on “Happy Mail Day #4

  1. Absolutely she is a wonderful person 💖 yup I enjoy her art and stories behind it. Also I leant couple of recipes from her. She is all rounded personality 💜 stay blessed Jodi 💖💖

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  2. Oh sweet Ilze! It was such a joy to prepare and ship a package to you! How I have grown to love my “latvian daughter!” 🙂 I so hope we will meet in person one day, but until then, let’s continue to inspire and encourage each other from across the world! Love you!!! Jodi

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