Card Making

Handmade Christmas cards aren’t cheap but they are unique and made by a person, not a machine.


I started to make cards when I was pregnant with my first girl in the year 2012. I’ve been through a lot of phases since then: had time, didn’t want to see cardmaking stuff, had time and loved making cards, had time but didn’t have ideas, had no time at all, but dreamed of doing it… etc. All possibilities!

Also since 2012 my card making “stuff” has grown. I remember how I spend money on the “stuff” easily and also how I saved something for certain bigger “thing”.

And now… after a year of silence, I’m back on cardmaking! And I love it! I had a message from a friend with a question if I can make the Christmas cards for the company. I agreed cause I needed THAT push to go back what I once loved (and also hated, and missed, and got tired off, etc).

After trying my best to provide sample design I was surprised that this year that wasn’t that easy (I had made cards 2 times for them before, usually offering two samples and they have chosen right away). I made 6 (or more!) samples to offer and finally when they choose I felt already burned out.


Few days with a bit longer walks got me back on track and I spent yesterday evening doing what….


(For now!) I can’t show the cards yet, but I will keep you updated. The hardest part of this is that I have to make 55 cards that are the same design. It’s getting boring after 25th usually. 🙂 Wish me luck.


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