Coffee Break & Cookies

Coffee break is better than ever with these cups! After doing some chores I love to have time with a cup of coffee and few sugary treats. Usually, it was nosy time with much disturbance and in hurry but now since all the girls are in the kindergarten I can enjoy quiet time and without “goodie steelers” around.IMG_20171117_151000_586.jpg

This time nice cup of lite latte with Rich Tea biscuits from the UK. Thank you fellow blogger GrumpyTyke for sending them to me! They are delicious! I still need to taste the Yorkshire tea!


I love how it looks together! It made my day!


19 thoughts on “Coffee Break & Cookies

        1. Yes, malt extract is full of vitamin B6 and … sugar 😀 But my favorite Latvian gingerbread cookie recipe requires for malt. I once ordered malt from DE and it was terrible. Our Latvian malt is delicious, sweet!


          1. Yes, the one we had was certainly sweet. We certainly enjoyed it, which you could not say about the other spoonful we had to take – cod liver oil. Uuuggh! It’s a long time ago but I think the malt extract was called Virol. I think it might still be available.

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            1. We had rose-hip syrup and my mom had to take cod liver oil… never offered to us! Now, Ome Ilze has cod liver oil capsules and Nelle like to chew and suck out all the oil… terrible 🙂 But she loves it!


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