Very Free Range

A few days ago we were visiting Janis uncle and talked about how easy/hard is to keep free range chickens for eggs. I know I’m not that type of person who can remember feed animals every day, and clean after them…

As kids, we have rabbits at my grandmother’s house. Me and my brother we gathered food for rabbits, cleaned all the cages…we even had names! Then one day they were gone! Went to the forest as my grandmother said and we had “chicken” for dinner….

Since that, I better not take care of animals anymore! These chickens are running around and when it will be cold, they will be staying in an old barn. And usually in winter there come European polecat and takes them… Sad.

I hope we meet these chickens in spring!!!!


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      Here it’s not a polecat that gets Sue and Simon’s (you know who I am writing about) but a fox, occasionally a dog not controlled by the owner which is really bad. Sue will not allow any of her chickens to be killed. Petronela would be the same and with rabbits and, as I think you know she will not eat lamb, or even mutton (because the sheep was once a lamb!). However, I have not been able to convince her that it is not logical for her to eat pork because the pig was once a piglet – very cute 🤣

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        😀 I also won’t let chicken to be killed, if I grow them. But Fox living next to us… about 300 meters away in the forest! Never seen at “home” but the longest time I sat there was 45 minutes. I know they can smell me, but I hoped to see one 😀 I saw one around house many times 🙂

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      Foxes take them here – it seems no matter how well you have built the pen…

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