Following the rabbit tracks!

Today we (me, my mother and kids) went outside for some fresh-air activities.  As Helmī was tired and grumpy we decide to put her in the baby stroller, pack here nice and tight and go for the walk. We went outside and the weather looked nice and sunny. But when we went around the corner the wind blowed us back… The wind was too strong on the drive way (our drive way is about 300 meters long…). We stayed around the house and… I have to thing about something… something to keep them occupied.


… I saw an animal tracks and so our journey began. I started to tell all I know about animal tracks and how we might track a rabbit or doe.. or cat.. and dog! And then I realise, that I don’t know any other…Opsss!

HM1A7636.jpg… and there Nelle saved me: “Are those rabbits tracks?!”. “WoW! Yes! Let’s follow them…” And we were wandering around for good 20 minutes! There was fresh tracks and old ones…. There was tracks around the apple trees and near compost and … back to plum trees and… around the corner… in the bushes… around the pine tree… and back to apple tree…  They led us nowhere. To the forest he (Mr. Bunny) went…

“Spring is far, far, far away and he (Mr. Bunny) still got time to find out where we live!!”: said Nelle to Linna and we went back inside…

…Yes, indeed! Lot’s of time!


P.S. Do you know direction were rabbit went (see last pic.). Towards us or in the bushes.

5 thoughts on “Following the rabbit tracks!

    1. Thank you! Mother Nature gives everything kids need to learn and grow better then inside. I do love those kindergartens where kids are outside in the woods for all day (usually in Norway) but we don’t have such kindergarten here. But we are living in country side so… we have plenty of nature around us. Just have to learn.

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