Pencil sharpener from ebay

Finally. The pencil sharpener is here and Nelle came to me with the smile and asked to sharpen the pencils.


I would sing heavily if I didn’t have the electric pencil sharpener bought on eBay. l had to sharpen all 71 pencils twice after I wrote that post about kids and their pencils and need of electric sharpener.


I bought the cheapest pencil sharpener I can find on the eBay. And I get the cheapest sharpener :). And that’s ok.

Resume: It’s small, it’s lightweight and you need 2 arms to use it otherwise it rotates. There isn’t automatic stop when the pencil is sharp enough. Works on 2 AA batteries and have to clean after 5-8 pencils.

What can I say… cheap… but works!. I’ve tried it first then decide to allow Nelle to try it under my supervision of course. Now she can sharpen her pencils by herself. Cool. I hope it will survive till travel trailer trip!



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