Getting ready: cleaning treiler / caravan

This is THAT day! Finally, we can’t wait any longer and decide to bring our caravan home to clean it up and start to install solar panels on the roof and move in.

Here is the video how it looks inside and my feelings….

It was easy to clean… it wasn’t dirty and it’s about ~8 square meters!!! How long do you need to clean trailer!? Less than an hour 🙂


P.S. It’s interesting how I can’t find the right words while filming :)… oh well, that’s me!

12 thoughts on “Getting ready: cleaning treiler / caravan

  1. Oh Ilze!!!!!! My heart is so happy for you. I love the tears of joy and that you can’t find the words for your happiness! Can’t wait to hear about your travel adventures!!! ❤

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  2. Ilze, we are so excited for you. Your new home away from home is beautiful and we can’t wait to hear of your journeys in words and pictures. When we got our new to us camper van we spend days cleaning and shining it and it was a great way to know it inside and out and learn how its put together.

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      1. We know what you mean Ilze. We are on another adventure now and its been 4 months with our new home away from home and we’re still learning what all the parts are that make up the whole. This is what makes it soooooo much fun. What a blessing to have yours and to now learn how it all comes together.

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    1. Thank you! Right now we are ill and we didn’t had our first night in caravan. It’s still cold in Latvia (-3C at night) and we have to wait patiently. First we have to stop coughing and sneezing and then we will be ready for some adventure!

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