Our Natural Remedies

herbal teaThis weekend wasn’t as planned! Definitely wasn’t! So… as you might know, we wanted to start our first small travel trailer trip to visit my mom. We didn’t! Why? Girls were ill but getting better (on Friday morning). So we thought that we will go… We tried our caravans Truma gas heating system for the first time and we end up with travel trailer full of smoke and burning smell! It was late night already, so we decide to turn off the heating system and check everything in the next day. But then I start to sneeze and cough… felt tired and chills shower up (on Friday evening). Girls got a temperature (again!) and we have to say “NO!” to our plans for the weekend.

I woke up today (Monday) feeling a bit better. I guess it’s a virus that caught us! My favorite all natural remedies for such cases are:

  • ginger root
  • garlic
  • honey
  • warm milk with honey
  • herbal teas: yarrow, cowslip, lime blossom, chamomile, and garden mint
  • local berries: cranberries, blackberries, raspberries  (from the freezer)

As the spring comes my tea jars are getting empty! We use herbal tea every day… and that means, that this summer I have to collect more.


19 thoughts on “Our Natural Remedies

        1. Latin for yarrow is Achillea. When fever is building, it (as a tea) can help it to break by relaxing the circulation and the pores of the skin, allowing us to sweat freely and ridding the body of infection. I wish I knew more about old Latvian medicine. But there is few things I know and one is yarrow is good 🙂

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