Learn Numbers, Sequence & Counting: Ice Cream Scoops (free printable)

I’m so obsessed with nice looking materials for my girls to play-learn. I really enjoy the process of making them and the smiles on here faces to use them!  And my math related roots says that math is something that we need to learn and it could be so enjoyable and fun activity too! (At least for Toddlers pre-schoolers that are!)

Count the scoops of Ice cream

I call this number learning game: Count the scoops of Ice cream! It all began in the kitchen on a Sunday evening when we had ice cream for the dessert. I usually serve treats in nice small bowls and try my best to decorate too. If it’s an ice cream then I’m trying to scoop nice extra small balls by using stainless steel measuring spoon (heating it up in the cup of hot water helps) in the size of 1 teaspoon. Suddenly  Nelle walked in and started to count cute little ice cream balls: “1, 2, 3… scoops for me” (in Latvian)… and I got an idea. As usually after googling it turns out, that it’s not a uniqAll.pngue idea. There are a lot of nice ideas for ice cream games, by that time I was so obsessed I can’t let it go…

And now we have our own ice cream scoop number learning activity pack (<>). Girls chose the colors for ice cream scoops and the style of the ice cream bowl. We already did the counting and number recognition before even the activity pack were ready and printed out.

This Montessori-inspired toddler printable material is our girls favorite right now! If we talk about the activity of itself it is great for your child working on number recognition, counting and one to one correspondence!

1-3How to learn numbers

The first step before learning to count is a child needs to understand ‘one to one correspondence’. Cut out the ice creams and ask your child to give one to each of their soft toys or family member. Use very small numbers at first: 1, 2, 3, 4. For Nelle it’s already developed but for Linna or Helmī is in progress.

The second step is counting: count up to three at first and do not progress until your child can do this successfully. Do the counting by touching each scoop of the ice cream you count. Nelle can count up to 10. Linna up to 3. Helmī in progress. You can even ask your child to guess how many scoops are there before you start to count them together. Count the scoops on each cone. Place the ice cream cones in order from smallest to largest.  cards

The third step is ordering numbers: ask your child to put spotted cards in order. And then the side with the numbers. Print the cards with numbers on one side and the corresponding number of spots on the reverse. Cut them out and glue together. 

And step four: recognize the numbers. Playing games is a good way to learn to recognize numbers. For example, print and cut out (1 1/4 inch circle punch makes it easy!) the ice cream scoops and give them to a child. Show the number card (reverse of the spot card) and ask to make an ice cream bowl with the same count of scoops.

Asking a child to guess how many scoops are in an ice cream cone helps to develop the ability to estimate. Count them out together afterward. And there is, even more, you can do with this number learning activity pack.

The Free printable – Number learning activity pack:



P.S. It’s time to make the Easter workbook for my girls!

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