Caravaning – Vinyl flooring

This summer we will be caravaning around Latvia. But first things first.


I upgraded our caravan to be more like for us – two grownups and 3 kids under 6 years. Our flooring was carpet and it wasn’t easy to clean! Now it’s Vinyl flooring! It is easy to clean and it was easy to install.


Actually, I didn’t install it, just covered floor without gluing it down and the reason for that was there is carpet already and I can’t get it out without taking everything (kitchen, wc, beds, etc) out. I can’t glue vinyl flooring on top of carpet. I need to get it out, otherwise, there will be mold after a winter. The plan is to take it out after summer.mess.jpg

Since we are planning short small trips through whole summer I packed almost all girls clothes. No matter if traveling or not, clothes will be in caravan :). Easy to find, easy to put back after washing. Doing like that I won’t need to move in and out every time we get back home (Janis will be working all the time!).

I will keep you updated as much as I can, we are caravaning around and having fun!


P.S. Before leaving discovered that central heating isn’t working and also have no solution for better ceiling lamp (we had glass on, not safe!).

9 thoughts on “Caravaning – Vinyl flooring

  1. The ace DIYer again 😃. Good solution to put temporarily on top of carpet. Yes, we have carpet in the camper – nightmare! Never got around to changing it for something similar to you although it’s a smaller job. Enjoy you trips.

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    1. Thank you, Dimi! As you know, we are in for few days and it’s so easy to clean. I don’t have to be in stress about “don’t come in with muddy boots!”. I’m happy I did it! Wasn’t that hard – Courage was all I needed ! 🙂


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