If you get up early…

…if you get up early you can do a lot by noon! Nice! Yesterday I did a lot until 2pm! A lot! I wanted to share right away but didn’t want to slow down (by sitting down) and get out of good energy flow I had!

I woke up at 6:40 am and couldn’t sleep. Loaded the washing machine and unloaded the dishwasher. After that Linna woke up and we both together made dragon juice, but before that, we checked the caravan to see what we need to clean it.


And by 7:35 am dragon juice was ready and we were ready to cook oatmeal. (Linna asked and I couldn’t resist – such a helper! Usually, they eat breakfast at kindergarten!). Nelle and Helmī got up at 7:45 am just in time for hot oatmeal with butter. About 8:15 am girls were dressed up for kindergarten and Janis drove them.

8:40 am unloaded the washing machine and hang the clothes outside to air dry. Loaded 2nd washing machine and dishwasher.

At 9:00am  I had a second breakfast (if the dragon juice counts as first!). And at 10:00 am unloaded the second washing machine – hang out to air dry and bring fresh, nice & dry ones inside. Loaded third washing machine and sorted dry clothes.


11:00 am started to run… I’m bad at running or other cardio, but somehow I run 500 meters long distance.. then walked cause I was out of breath! Then again I started to run and run about 300 meters… then walked and was home at 11:45 am. Tired and red!


Unload the 3rd washing machine and loaded 4th with my activewear! And took a long & hot bath in the middle of the day while listening to the Robbie Williams and had a face mask (never did before!!). Such a “me” time. Feels like I had Vocation…


And that is not it! After the bath (about 12:30) I was outside sunbathing till 1:00pm. Cooked lunch and ate it till 2pm.


This is not how I sunbathed 🙂 This is just before leaving to get girls from kindergarten 🙂


But what about the cleaning caravan like I said yesterday morning you might ask…. Yes, what about it? I will do that later. Maybe today, cause tomorrow we are leaving (I hope).


More laundry and freshly air-dried clothes to bring inside and sort…. till it was time to pick up the girls. And then we decide to take a side tour to Litene and have an ice cream!


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