Hot day!

We are having a few very hot days in a row! Today it’s  +29 C tomorrow it will be +30 C It’s hard to stay committed to blogging, had 5 photoshoot this week already. One more on Saturday! Means a lot of work for me! Not all are paid, I do free photoshoots – my own projects as well! After […]

Misty Mornings

Beautiful misty mornings are here! I love those mornings but don’t like the fact that autumn is coming! And by autumn I don’t mean colorful leaves, sunny days and stunning views! What I don’t like is rainy weeks, muddy roads, blues and sneeze that comes with it… Am I the only one struggling to smile and be happy in late […]

If you get up early…

…if you get up early you can do a lot by noon! Nice! Yesterday I did a lot until 2pm! A lot! I wanted to share right away but didn’t want to slow down (by sitting down) and get out of good energy flow I had! I woke up at 6:40 am and couldn’t sleep. Loaded the washing machine and […]

Early Morning

This was early morning. I woke up at 6:20 am and Janis even earlier at 5:45 am! Today girls will be in the kindergarten and the reason for that is: first – they want to (we had 4 day holiday) and second – I need to clean caravan and pack all the stuff to leave home in two days!   […]


Mario & Nora visited us on Saturday after Nora had choir show in Smiltene. We had a lovely time chatting inside cause weather outside was rainy & windy! Sunday morning I started with coffee and made Tuna tortilla wraps. After that, there were chatting & chilling! I was too relaxed to look for my phone, so no “evidence pictures” of […]

Beautiful Winter Sunrise

As you know our kids are in kindergarten and waking up early (6:40). After they are leaving at 7:40 I’m free for my chores and hobbies… Last two weeks Helmī was a bit ill and stayed at home. Also, Janis didn’t feel good. My everyday life changed and I was so tired I didn’t want to do anything. Yesterday I tried […]

Early winter morning

Early morning isn’t my thing since I can’t get in bad at the proper time! We have a new daily routine for girls. Previously we woke them up at 7:40AM, then dress them and drive to the kindergarten. They have breakfast there at 9AM. Now. Our new routine is: we are waking them up at 6:40AM, they watch “Paw Patrol” […]

First Snow & First Time

Good morning everyone! Good morning Mother Nature! The first snow is here! It doesn’t look like it stays for long. BUT the fact that snow is here – is registered here on my blog. With the snow, our friends showed up for the first time this season. All girls staying home today and we will have breakfast in candlelight! We are so happy […]