Early winter morning

Early morning isn’t my thing since I can’t get in bad at the proper time! We have a new daily routine for girls. Previously we woke them up at 7:40AM, then dress them and drive to the kindergarten. They have breakfast there at 9AM.

Now. Our new routine is: we are waking them up at 6:40AM, they watch “Paw Patrol” (moring “screen time” and the same at night, no more!) to wake up, then I dress them up and brush hair and talk to them. Janis starts the car (winter here and we don’t have a garage) at 7:20AM and they are going to kindergarten at 7:35 AM.

Since that, I have to be up early and… the advantage of that is that I can see the early morning sunrise! 1st December sunrise was beautiful. Fresh snow on the trees and ground looked like a whipped cream! Everything so calm and peaceful…



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