Hot day!

We are having a few very hot days in a row! Today it’s  +29 C tomorrow it will be +30 C


It’s hard to stay committed to blogging, had 5 photoshoot this week already. One more on Saturday! Means a lot of work for me! Not all are paid, I do free photoshoots – my own projects as well! After photoshoots don’t bother putting the camera back in the bag… we just roll!


Still fighting with weeds! I ask them to surrender, but they laugh in my face! We both (me and Nelle) did onions few days ago. You can see how “green” was before and how “clean” it is after. Also, check how long furrow I have!!!!

Work hard, play hard! Or… at least go to see friends and ducks… and swan!

Love the misty morning views! And yes, that is a water bottle in the picture 🙂 and also “one end” of the furrows!


Our BIG summer celebration is coming – Jāņi! In between photo shoots I need to find time to collect teas and herbs and… relax! Enjoy the weather and summer!


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