First two suitcases packed!

Yesterday evening was sunny and so does this morning. Girls wanted to pack her summer clothes for our caravan trip. And I realize that it would be easier for me if something will be washed, ironed and packed already! Less cloth for girls to wear now (they like to change cloth 5 times per day and somehow they gets dirty!).
So we packed all summer clothes: dresses, t-shirts, leggings, PJs and swimwear for two bigger girls. That was a good idea and oh what a fun we had by trying on all the clothes and finding what’s fit, choose few from all and put everything else in a donation box!

We still need to sort & pack hoodies, jumpers, and trousers (spring clothes) and everything else.

Still, don’t know when we will start our trip, but the weather forecast looks promising! I’ll keep you updated 🙂


14 thoughts on “First two suitcases packed!

  1. Oh I so love the ‘blogosphere’. Followed your ‘like’ on my comment on breakfast oats back here and found you are in Latvia. Last week it was Solvenia. Have a great trip; by the way, we would call it a ‘caravan’. Ours (see my latest post – ) is a ‘camper’ – 45 years old and still going strong (fed, occasionally, on oats 😄)

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