Yesterday we packed first two suitcases for upcoming caravan trip… and packed two more bags for small get away to my hometown: Salacgriva. We decided to visit my mom and  “change the decorations”.

About Salacgriva: It’s a small town located near Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea), close to Estonian border. See here. If you ask me – Salacgriva looks cleaner, nicer and greener then Gulbene. Lot’s of trees and fresh air from the sea.

While daddy is working girls spending time together with grandma. We had the longest wall in this year – and no one was tired or grumpy! I’m surprised how well Linna walks long distances and Nelle enjoying the walk!

Also, as a caravan owner, I might say that there are two places or more to free park for a night 🙂 I wish we had the same knowledge about every city in Europe 🙂



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