Caravan Kitchen Control Panel

We are back from Salacgrīva! Suitcases unpacked and the big mountain of dirty laundry waiting in the bathroom! But…

It’s time to fix everything that isn’t working as we want or not working at all in our caravan kitchen control panel.


Our kitchen control panel is located under a wall cupboard and contains 4 switches:

  • switch for the water pump;
  • switch to choose voltage 220v or 12v for the water pump;
  • switch for light over the kitchen sink and cooktop;
  • switch for kitchen hood.

We discovered that kitchen hood isn’t working and have to be fixed before we move out and start to cook our breakfast and dinner – that is how we plan to travel. Home cooked meals as much as possible.

Also, the kitchen lights weren’t low energy consumption and we want to change them to 12V LED Strip and a dimer.

So today was that day when we took off the kitchen control panel, bought a new kitchen hood and strips of LEDs. Soldering iron is heating (it is needed to iron wires of two LE strips together for brighter light) up and let’s move one step closer to our Europe trip!

It’s working! Nice! Dimmer is working and now it’s time to put it back in place. What’s next? Rear-view camera!?


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8 thoughts on “Caravan Kitchen Control Panel

    1. 🙂 Still waiting for spring to come. We are bored and tired of waiting… but it won’t be long (I hope so!!!)… we plan to leave in 2 weeks time – if there won’t be a snow by that time! 🙂

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