Happy Mail Day #1

We are getting ready for our FFTTTTE (First Family Travel Trailer Trip Through Europe… I should change it to Trailer Trip!)… That includes buying some books for me and girls. I ordered few cook books for me and activity books & cards for girls from BookDepository.com in a case of rainy days or long drives! I hope there won’t be much rainy days but I’m not sure about long distances…. They have free shipping but the book price is higher… but my order was even cheaper then in other online bookstores.nelle.jpg

I tried to buy few cookbooks in Latvian but I didn’t like translation! Something where lost or changed… cumin and caravel seeds isn’t the same!!! And since that I’m buying english books….

Today was our Happy Mail Day when all the books arrived!

Background: Those who don’t know. We are living in the countryside of Gulbene in Latvia. Our mail box isn’t by the house it’s 1km away from houseIn Latvia (Latvian Post) mail is delivered in villages and cities but not in countryside. If you are living in country side, then your mail box is on the border of village / city. We are living 1 km form border of small village. 1km won’t be a problem if the packages where there but they are not. Only thing we can get here is note, that our package is in the areas (Beļavas) post office.  We should drive more then 20 km one way 45 in total to get our mail!!!!! The closest post office (5km) is in Gulbene.

Since that we are using Jains parents vet clinic in Gulbene as our mail address and receiver should be Janis otherwise Janis mother Ilze (Yes, the same name! And surname! ) will check all our mail :). In Latvia mail should be addressed to person and only that person can receive it! No such thing as husband receiving mail for me! I don’t like it….

Our Happy Mail Day is in those days when Janis drive to the Gulbene for food and other things and also collects all the packages from the Gulbenes post office.

All our books came today (cause Janis went to the city 🙂 ) and I’m surprised how good is the one of the cookbooks I ordered! Easy vegetarian one-pot.

Happy Mail Day,


P.S. Nelle is holding all the packages!

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