Helmī 2nd birthday is coming

Helmī 2nd birthday is coming soon! Helmī was born on 13th of September. I remember that short night! Only 2 hours and she were on my arms.

She will be two years old soon! Two! Time flys, indeed! I remember her first birthday, we were celebrating 2 days. On the 13th and 17th of September.  That was Royal! Invitations and all the table settings! I should look for pictures and share it with you later on.


This year I haven’t started yet. But I couldn’t sleep last night and “Max & Ruby” popped in my mind! She loves those short movies! Mainly, because we know only a few “good” movies to show to kids. So this year it will be “Max & Ruby”.

I have to think about the guest list, menu, activities, etc… No more time for woodworking, I have to start cleaning! You can’t imagine the mess we are living right now!!! Our porch is covered in sawdust and boards…. kitchen is unfinished, but I need to clean it and tidy! Since we switched rooms, there are unpacked boxes too!).

If you know “good children short movies” let me know! Maybe something from your childhood!?


P.S. Picture from treehousetv

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