Max & Ruby Inspired Birthday Invitation

As I told before I have to quit woodworking and start thinking about Helmī 2nd birthday. Also, I already had “theme” for the birthday. It’s “Max & Ruby”! Lovely!


This is what I came up with! Simple “Max & Ruby” inspired birthday invitation.

It says: “Helmī loves Max & Ruby, come and get acquainted! Saturday 16.09 around 2 pm”.

This year it will be delivered electronically to those we would love to see on Helmī 2nd birthday! Also, there is Viola and Helmī godfather Ronalds that are far away in Berlin.

Now I have to think about games 2 to 5-year-olds can play!

Any suggestions?!




13 thoughts on “Max & Ruby Inspired Birthday Invitation

  1. Oh I love max and ruby!!! I remember when my son was young and he actually liked it. I guess it would look weird for me to watch it now though. What about “pin the tail on the bunny”? You do have a couple of fluffy bunny characters!

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  2. Check out YouTube or Google to find out how to play. You can orchestrate winners when in control of the music so it doesn’t always stop on the one child all the time. With little prizes everyone is happy…usually lol

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