Cousins 1st Birthday

We receive an invitation to our sibling’s cousins 1st Birthday! They have only one cousin and that’s from Janis side. His name is David and it’s Janis sister’s first child. They were celebrating the 1st week and 1st month and 6 months and so on and now it’s finally a first-year celebration.


We were welcomed to a little pumpkin party on Sunday, but we aren’t sure if we can attend. So we met and greeted David on Friday! The real date.


I made small packages that looked like pumpkins and contain long arm t-shirts. It’s getting cold here in Latvia.We let David have fun with pumpkins and he did!


These pumpkin packages are super simple and don’t require more than a few sheets of paper, brads, rubber band or string and scissors.


Should I share how to make such pumpkins?!


P.S. Light was terrible and my phone is too old….


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