Woolly Milk-cap

I can’t resist foraging for mushrooms this year! Especially when there are a lot of mushrooms everywhere. I don’t like forage for mushrooms in big/unknown forests alone. But this year to get wild mushrooms you don’t have to drive to the forest. I can forage mushrooms near home. Only 10-minute walk from my home! How can you resist that!?

This time I went for Woolly milk-caps and others from that family. Do you remember those small Woolly Milk-caps growing closely together I found almost week ago?


These mushrooms were so small I didn’t cut them! I let them grow bigger. And yesterday I visited them again.

IMG_20170910_194749_176This time I took bigger ones! Normally you won’t be lucky to find them after a week. Someone else would forage them.


But since this is private property and more like bigger bushes, not deep forest I met mine milky-cups once more 😉


18 thoughts on “Woolly Milk-cap

        1. I would call it a tradition. Salty mushrooms (or I don’t know how to call that in English) was made in my family for generations. That is how you can store them for the winter. There wasn’t such thing as a freezer and this was the only way how to store mushrooms for winter. The other way was to slice tinily and dry (only for Boletus).


  1. I think most of the edible mushrooms can be dried, eg chanterelle, and retain much of the flavour, so my question is why pick what is clearly basically a poisonous mushroom, even if you can remove the poison by boiling etc? I wonder what the ‘poison’ is; it cannot be that in the death cap – amatoxin – as that cannot be destroyed by boiling and will destroy your liver no matter what you do to it.

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    1. WOW! Never thought it’s poisonous! I’ve checked! It’s ok in Latvian books, but it’s poisonous in German books! I just did what my ancestors did. They lived a simple life and ate what they could get and grow. And this is how they did. I remember my childhood favorite dish – boiled potatoes with these salted chopped mushrooms with onion and sour cream… Now I have to think about it and figure out if I want to continue the tradition or quit it. 😦


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