My favorite wild mushrooms

As you know I love to go foraging for mushrooms and also you know that this year mushrooms are all over the place. Or at least where we live :).

What’s my favorite wild mushrooms? These!

– Suillus luteus (Slipery Jack)


– Leccinum aurantiacum


– Boletus reticulatus Schaeff. (Summer Bolete)


– Leccinum variicolor Watling


– Lactarius torminosus (Woolly Milk-cap)


– Lactarius pubescens (Schrad.)


Last two you have to prepare by boiling! Don’t eat them baked!



26 thoughts on “My favorite wild mushrooms

    1. Chanterelles are my favourite summer mushroom! These are autumn mushrooms. I found one Chanterelle but it’s soaking wet. It’s better to pick then in summer!


        1. In July and august 🙂 And now all the so called autumn mushrooms are out. But if you can find Chanterelles in the September – that’s fine, you still can eat them!


  1. Thank you thank you… for english translation 🙂 🙂 I believe we eat very similar mushrooms, but complicated to share recipes, because of .. I do not know how to call this mushroom in english 🙂

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    1. Those are latin names and few are english. But if you google for latin you might find english. Try and search in estonian (for example õrn pilvik) and you might be lucky 😉 Also you can find right “dzimta” and search by picture. I hope this helped. Let me know!


    2. And I just find out that I’m not following you! Disaster! I say delicious Cat Artur cake on Instagram! Fixed. Now I’m following you for MORE recipes! I love them!


    1. Did you know I don’t like olives!? But then at one birthday I was so bored that sat down at table – there where olives and lot’s of alcohol. I’m emotional eater. I pick an olive… Disgusting! … another one… terrible! Another… and guess what!? I like them ever since 😀

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        1. Just drink for courage and you go! But if we talk seriously – never eat mushrooms if you are drinking heavy. It’s hard to digest or something like that together with alco. You can poison.

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  2. Fascinating. Most country people in Romania (far fewer ‘townies’) can identify the edible mushrooms but there were many for sale at the roadside during our recent trip but you need to know what you’re buying, so I didn’t. The ‘big’ Romanian mushroom is, I think, Boletus edulis, known as ‘hribi’. The other mushroom widely on sale at the roadside is the chanterelle; I can’t remember what Romanians call that. I remember, however, first eating them in 1993, freshly collected from the nearby forest (a few metres) and cooked with cream (from the nearby cow). I learned to eat them together with raw garlic – a spoonful of mushrooms and a bite of the garlic clove. Quite an experience the first time.

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    1. I missed that. I was fed with mushrooms since I was little. So, I can’t imagine how it is to taste mushrooms for the first time. We usually cook chanterelle with onions and cream and dill and eat with new (spring, don’t know the name for freshly dug out potatoes). Delicious!


  3. You must not be in the Northwest US, Chantelle grow in the fall in the Cascades, along with many others. They come on after first fall rains, first on Mt Baker, Rainer, on down to north of SF, California. Now in Colorado, picked King Boletes (porcini).

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