My Birthday Girl!!!!

Today is Helmī Saule’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe it! Oh, well I can believe it but still… 2 years! That’s serious! She’s not a baby anymore! She’s a girl! GIRL!


This Monday she had her first one hour visit to the kindergarten. We had to play peek a boo to get her dressed. I had to peek through the window to get the picture. She wasn’t in good mood. I guess I wasn’t either, but…


Janis brought her to the kindergarten along with Nelle and Linna. First, let the Nelle in her group. Helmī was running inside Nelles group and everyone had a good laugh. Then Janis took Linna to her group. The same with Helmī. And finally, when she got into her group Jānis undressed her and took her boots off to change to sandals but she ran into her group in socks! She was so excited! So ready to be there and play! Janis left here for two hours. Pretty good for the first time!


Happy birthday my little girl! It’s a big year coming up for you! Good luck!


20 thoughts on “My Birthday Girl!!!!

  1. What a memory! Helmi’s birthday and first day of school….and at 2 she is all ready to jump into being a big girl. Wow! Many birthday blessings to your baby girl – you know she will always be your baby, even when she’s grown.

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      1. Thanks Ilze! Our babies are having babies. Wait until you see how fast it goes! Your baby turned 2 today. You will blink and she will be 20. The days might be long, but the years are short! Cherish the moments! ❤

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