Low carb diet?

Not sure were we going with this, but now we are on a low carb diet. Sometimes I like to change my diet to see what will happen. This time it was Janis, not me who suggested a low carb diet.IMG_20180630_125341_955.jpg

Not sure if it’s right or wrong but it’s easier to get “full” and stay “full” for a while. Also cooking is simple. Eggs and bacon for breakfast with a veggie salad. I can cook it in no time.

Bread is something I can’t live without… or so I thought! Buns in the picture are low carb buns made from eggs and philuscum hask (ever heard of it?). Gives necessary satisfaction. I’m drinking much often now and that is good!




25 thoughts on “Low carb diet?

  1. …the comment went away…well, I am hunting good recipes for bread. Not so easy I find. She cannot live without bread either. One recipe I have that works – flour is difficult to find the right mix of.

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    1. I need to try seed and nut bread – that has eggs and seeds & nuts in. The other bread I like that is low carb is eggs and cheese… very cheesy taste and satisfying.


  2. Never heard of philiscum hask; I’ll look it up when I’ve some time. You know what I think of ‘diets’ unless necessary for some serious medical condition. I reckon you can’t go wrong with just a well balanced food intake. I hope the low carbohydrates works for you, but you’ll never know. If you feel better you might have felt better anyway, or just the placebo effect. 😃

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    1. I looked it up and it is what I know as ‘ispagula husk’; we have an orange flavoured one in our medicine cupboard. It is prescribed by medics here as a mild laxative, as it was for me following surgery where any straining could have damaged the repair. Usually you have to drink it in plenty of water, where it forms a gel. My packets say only to be given to children under 6 years on medical advice.

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      1. Make sure to have 20 carbs a day, any less and you will feel sick. No sugar because those are carbs, and read labels! You will go into ketosis after a few days. No damage that I know of. I’m reading a new book about it called Fat for Fuel. I’ll keep you posted if there’s anything in there.

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  3. Hi Lize! A low carb diet is one of my favorite diets. I too tried many different diets and discovered that I can eat a lot on a low carb diet to stay full and still keep losing weight. I too enjoy a nice bread or cracker that actually tastes like a bread or cracker. I just launched a low carb magazine – it includes a wonderful low carb pizza crust recipe and cracker recipe that you should give a try! Let me know what you think. https://lowcarbdietlife.com/low-carb-magazine-subscription/

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