1st of July – Time to be me

It is the first day of the second half of the year. Isn’t it? For me it is!

What have I done till now… well – good question! Can’t answer that at the moment cause it feels like everything is just about to start NOW! It’s time to be ME! Not mom, nor housewife… but ME!


I’m opening Graphic Design and Photo studio in Gulbene at the moment (I wrote a business plan and they decide it was good enough to fund me). It’s not easy and main struggle is money (or time?)! But it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have DIY ideas even for my studio… And it’s interesting to DIG IN!

Big things are happening in my world right now! It’s summertime, work time and struggle time at the same time! But don’t worry I’M NOT AFRAID! I’M READY!




18 thoughts on “1st of July – Time to be me

    1. 🙂 Most people here are afraid of having “a thought” or “an idea”. There will be people who will say: “NO”, “Won’t work” but maybe one or two who will say “Give it a try!”. I’m lucky! My Janis is huge “Give it a try!” & “Don’t think about that (bad outcomes of my idea) now, will see!”. 🙂

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      1. Of course I know that and that’s the encouragement anybody needs when embarking on a new venture. Janis is to be congratulated along with you. First step was to get the money and with a lot of work you did it, as I knew you would. Now there will be a host of smaller problems to overcome but with Janis’s encouragement you will overcome them. It’s an exciting journey which I and your other followers are privileged to be allowed take with you so thank you for taking us along.

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  1. How exciting! I remember opening my first business, seems forever ago but I remember most the frustration of wanting it all done yesterday so I could get onto the business of taking care of business. Good luck being patient. You will be fantastic. I have faith in you.

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