Out of sight, Out of mind!

I grow up in a small city – Salacgriva. It’s near the sea… or to be precise – gulf. The Gulf of Riga. Never called it gulf. Sea. Always. Spent my summers sunbathing in sand and swimming – it’s safe – no jellyfish or sharks πŸ™‚

Now I’m 200 kilometers (about miles) away from the sea and people ask if I don’t miss it!? My answer is – I don’t! I hate sand and don’t like the sea!


But a few days ago standing in the dune and looking at the sea I was feeling something different… it’s love! I love the sea and the dunes and the wind! And the best part of this spot – it’s a sunset side of the Gulf of Riga!

Couldn’t stay till the sun starts to set, but now I know I still love the sea (but no sunbathing!).


P.S. I have a crazy-important week ahead! I hope I won’t blow it! Wish me luck!


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