A Surprise in the bushes!

The girls needed a wee in the middle of nowhere so we went in the bushes. What a surprise was there!


Vacuum cleaner!!? YES! Karcher! And “Privāts” (from Latvian – Private) written on the side.  Well, we stayed there a few minutes more to enjoy the yellow lonely Karcher. It fits there perfectly with all those brown-yellow maple leaves!

But still – WHY!?


7 thoughts on “A Surprise in the bushes!

  1. Well, here in UK it’s time, late Occtober, for eerie stories; there are certainly many which could be written around that lonely Karcher. I once came across a pair of seeming new shoes, neatly placed at the base of a tree, in a graveyard. Fortunately it was daytime.

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    1. Yes and No! I saw a neighbor few month ago and she looked terrible – the face said – something happened… and i asked… And when I heard the story I wish I didn’t… So better not to know why it’s here 🙂

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