Crazy… but love it!

Two months as an owner of my own business! My first business :). I haven’t been in my comfort zone ever since! The journey so far was crazy enough. I love it! Perfect balance between workout (photoshoots) and time at the computer (photo editing). On Sunday I saw a squirrel – hanging upside down and looking for something. Exactly like me! […]

A Surprise in the bushes!

The girls needed a wee in the middle of nowhere so we went in the bushes. What a surprise was there! Vacuum cleaner!!? YES! Karcher! And “Privāts” (from Latvian – Private) written on the side.  Well, we stayed there a few minutes more to enjoy the yellow lonely Karcher. It fits there perfectly with all those brown-yellow maple leaves! But […]

Misty Mornings

Beautiful misty mornings are here! I love those mornings but don’t like the fact that autumn is coming! And by autumn I don’t mean colorful leaves, sunny days and stunning views! What I don’t like is rainy weeks, muddy roads, blues and sneeze that comes with it… Am I the only one struggling to smile and be happy in late […]

Frosty & Cold Morning

Brrr…. this was a surprise for all of us when we opened our eyes on Saturday morning and saw frost! Unexpected! Completely unexpected! The previous evening was beautiful and warm. I’m happy I was outside capturing all the beauty! Cause it was the last time this year we could enjoy the beautiful Latvian autumn colors. Now all the leaves are […]

Beautiful Autumn Evening

I had my walk a few days ago and I took my camera with me! First autumn frosts are here but I had lucky to capture the autumn colors just before it! This was a lovely autumn evening with the sun, clouds and yellow leaves. This is how Latvia looks in autumn. And I love it! Beautiful autumn colors: not […]

Day out: Stameriena / Stameriena Castle

My bestie Džeina called me and offered to drive me for a walk. A little off-topic: I have a driving license for a year now but I’m too scared to drive. I’m not driving. Džeina has a driving license for almost 10 years now and finally, she isn’t scared and she is ready to drive wherever we want! So this was […]

1st of October

I know October isn’t all about sneezes and colds! But I wrote my ever first poem…forgive me! October will be beautiful! I know! 1st of October You came in fast! I wasn’t prepared And I’m a bit scared! You come with sneezes, With coughs and colds. Unwanted layers. Socks all day long.   Beautiful, October to you all! Ilze

DIY: Easy Paper Pumpkins

These paper pumpkins are easy to make and sure looks cute. I made these as a gift wrapping for the “Little Pumpkin party” a.k. “David’s first birthday”. If you have bigger present than a t-shirt for 1yo, you will need bigger size paper. If smaller or few small presents, pack them in a cello bag and then put in the […]

How to pick mushrooms

This is funny! I don’t know if you know how to pick mushrooms but I do! And I love those rainy days that brings mushrooms here in Latvian forests. Latvia have forests and forest this year have mushrooms. How do I know? Simply! Mushrooms like boletus type are at the same place every 3 years. It’s not like they aren’t […]