1st of October

I know October isn’t all about sneezes and colds! But I wrote my ever first poem…forgive me! October will be beautiful! I know!

1st of October
You came in fast!

I wasn’t prepared
And I’m a bit scared!

You come with sneezes,
With coughs and colds.

Unwanted layers.
Socks all day long.


Beautiful, October to you all!


12 thoughts on “1st of October

  1. It’s raining, depressively dull, here so difficult to really appreciate the wonderful October colours just beginning to flush the trees. Congratulation on your “first poem”, in English too. Super and well done!👍😃

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      1. I forgot to ask, is the house the one in which you live? Although the style is a bit different the timber construction is exactly the same as the one we are looking into buying in Romania though that still has its original ‘cindrillă’ (wooden roof tiles). Many have been replaced with corrugated asbestos which seems to be the case with the one in your picture.

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        1. This house had asbestos Slate Roofing Sheets on and now it’s metal roofing. Don’t know the right name. It’s the corrugated and looks like previous but metal. I’m not good with material & building terms in English 🙂 Sorry!

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  2. Thank you for reading and “liking” my blog posts! I know how hard it can be to write poetry in your first language, much less in your second (or third)! I look forward to looking through your recipes as well 🙂

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