Mixing bowl

Finally! I can proudly say – I have big enough mixing bowl. Big enough for our family!


This is Mason Cash bowl I’ve been wanted for ages…  2 or 3 years :). First I saw red mixing bowl by Mason Cash with heart and I fell in love… so deeply and madly that I turn all the UK sellers upside down. I was upset when I can’t find anyone in the whole UK who delivers to Latvia less than 50 euros! ebay.co.uk was my nightmare. The red mixing bowl everywhere!


Then I saw white.. and green and…. and.. brown SET of mixing bowls with animals!!! Set was named “In the forest”! Great! I’m a big fan of forests and woodland theme!


Carrot cake in making!


I was heartbroken when I find out how much it will cost to get them to Latvia. Now! Imagine my happiness level when I finally have ONE mixing bowl from Mason Cash!


P.S. If you have other bowls from Mason Cash “In the forest” and you want to throw them away (perhaps you really do)..let me know! I would gladly take care of them 🙂

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