Crazy… but love it!

Two months as an owner of my own business! My first business :). I haven’t been in my comfort zone ever since! The journey so far was crazy enough. I love it! Perfect balance between workout (photoshoots) and time at the computer (photo editing).

On Sunday I saw a squirrel – hanging upside down and looking for something.


Exactly like me! Upside down and looking forward to opportunities. Ready for the next month!


12 thoughts on “Crazy… but love it!

    1. YES! Somehow there is no enough hrs in day (and night) and have a lot ideas to impliment, not just ideas, they are turning into to do list and fills up… so quickly. Love that I don’t have “empty” hrs 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jodi! Again – you said exactly how I feel 🙂 I love it.. and it seems easy.. there are few “creazy things and situations” but after a few minutes of “noooooooo! I can’t! How can I solve this!?” I sitch to the “This minght be a good idea! This one too…” And you end up crowling out of that dark pit (is it the right word?) with the smile on the fice and sparcle in the eye… till 10PM when family calls you home 🙂

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