I thought I will stay at home today and do accounting… all the paperwork. Jānis took all the girls to the kindergarten to be sure I can take all the papers out… but he came back with Linna.

Linna has an eye infection and that is something that is very contagious. Helmī had it about a week ago. Now Linna! So, one kid or three at home – I choose one! It’s easier! Especially when you plan something to do!

Linna with breakfast!

We started with a good breakfast and then continued with a nice chat. Linna was in a good mood! She’s the grumpiest one usually!

At the moment when I started to think about all the paperwork I needed to go to the studio and see/talk/design curtain poles, it’s a special order cause window is 5 meters wide!! Can’t buy them in store.

One hour later I’m back home dealing with laundry and cooking lunch. Now it’s  3PM here and soon all the girls will be home. I guess the paperwork will stay to Saturday or even Sunday!

Eglisu rotajumi
What do you think?!

Last night I ordered decorations for Christmas trees cause my first “Christmas Themed” photo shoot will be on next Saturday – 3rd of November. So soon! I still need to check where I can order postcards that are made from pictures and calendars too.

Christmas is around the corner for me this year! 🙂


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