I’m easy on naming my blog posts… Friday, yesterday 🙂

Yesterday I thought I will do all the paperwork, but sadly Linna got ill – eye infection and stayed home. So, no paperwork for me. Plus the weather was terrible – windy, wet and cold!


We had “coffee break” between house chores. Coffee for me and cocoa for Linna – the cream is in the small cow shaped jug. Linna loves that jug and I can’t make cocoa with cream, I have to mix vanilla with cocoa powder and hot water and Linna enjoys pouring cream in 🙂

After that the weather got sunny, so we had a walk!

Our day ended up to be sunny!


11 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. ‘Grumpy’ is obviously not the only thing Linna and I share. I love cocoa too though I make it a little differently (the only good to come out of mt French classes at school, which I hated. Glad the sun came out for you both.

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  2. What a beautiful view for a walk! Reminds me when I used to live on the outskirts of Oxford and had lots of nature around – I miss it 🙂 Beautiful pictures!


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