Celebrating Latvia’s 99 Birthday

Someone made a big surprise and visited us on Latvia’s 99 birthday! Thank you, brother! We had a lovely time together. I made Anthill cake, cause it easy to make and don’t need an oven. I printed Latvia contour and assembled the cake to look like Latvia.

Everyone liked it and it wasn’t that hard! Anthills cake is easy to form in whatever shape you want. And it’s delicious too! Trust me! There was red & white heart shaped flag made from cranberries and edible pearls. But someone ate some pearls so… it’s not that neat in picture :). But I hope you got the idea 🙂

Also, my new coffee set took a part in the celebration!



14 thoughts on “Celebrating Latvia’s 99 Birthday

  1. Wonderful, as usual. The new coffee set looks great. Is this the same brother you said was in Manchester. Again, many congratulation to Latvia on reaching its 99th birthday. As Romanians would say on such occasions, ‘La mulți an!’ – to many (more) years.

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    1. The same brother, he visited a friend in Manchester. I have only one brother! Do you have brothers / sisters?! I read that ‘La mulți an!’ and I knew it’s something with “more” and “years” already! 🙂

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      1. I have two brothers and one sister, all younger than me. One brother and my sister live in Holland and have for many years. The youngest brother lives not very far from us but haven’t seen him for some time. We’re not a very close family (which is a pity) but my brother in Holland, with whom I have always got on well, stayed with us a few times last year. I’ll explain some other time.

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