Mail Day #1

I love Mail Days!!! If there is something you bought you can’t wait for it to be delivered… her in Latvia it might take a while to deliver an item you ordered. For example – puzzles. Why!? Cause almost every internet shop orders items from Poland and then deliver to us :). It’s cheaper to … More Mail Day #1

Saturday fun

Weather is getting back to normal here in Latvia. It’s still warm and sunny. But yesterday it was with a fresh breeze and a bit cloudy. Girls asked for gouache and that means – trouble! They will be covered in gouache in no time…. no jus table and chair and t-shirt, but hair, and face and … More Saturday fun

I’m alive!

Hello, my dear fellow bloggers & followers! I’m back to “normal”, I bet I will need one week to get into the rhythm we have in our household and to deal with the mess! Let’s start with the cake! I baked red currant cake to celebrate Sunday! Suny sunny Sunday! Greeting to you all! Ilze … More I’m alive!