Saturday fun

Weather is getting back to normal here in Latvia. It’s still warm and sunny. But yesterday it was with a fresh breeze and a bit cloudy.


Girls asked for gouache and that means – trouble! They will be covered in gouache in no time…. no jus table and chair and t-shirt, but hair, and face and arms and even ears! But since previous time when they asked and I said “yes” and spend half day brushed table tops and girls was a half year ago…. Yesterday I said “yes”… and took the table and girls outside in the lovely weather.


I rushed inside to escape all the drama and gouache and baked a rhubarb and almond cake. I didn’t have almond flakes and used chopped almonds… so it doesn’t look that good but still, the taste was OK!



4 thoughts on “Saturday fun

  1. I can just imagine those little ones covered in ‘paint’. What fun, but outside, great.
    The cake sounds great. With griund almonds is excellent too – you get the almond taste more, which goes very well with the rhubarb.

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