Saturday fun

Weather is getting back to normal here in Latvia. It’s still warm and sunny. But yesterday it was with a fresh breeze and a bit cloudy. Girls asked for gouache and that means – trouble! They will be covered in gouache in no time…. no jus table and chair and t-shirt, but hair, and face and arms and even ears! But […]

Sunday (mess from Sunday!)

Is it ok to talk about Sunday two days after it!?! As you know my mom was there and helped me scrub and clean all the darkest corners and places in the house. I was dealing with the “girls made mess” on Saturday, but well, I did it! I could take care of all the house, pick up everything and put […]

Linna in action!

This is good! I like where it is going! Sometimes Linna likes to help. Whenever I ask – she doesn’t want to help. She likes to come and help every time I keep my mouth shoot and ignore here. Nice! Now I will have new tactics! I will start cleaning something and I hope, I really hope she will be […]

Green – Brown – Terrible

It’s not like I don’t have anything to do! My daily schedule is full already! But.. I can’t stand that green kitchen wall. It’s so old and odd looking….  It won’t fit in my new kitchen! Actually, it didn’t fit in old one ether but then I didn’t care! \ Now I’m burning daylight by scrubbing green paint off! And… under […]

DIY: Natural wooden floor restoration

I even don’t know how to call it! Restoration or finishing! This wooden floor was left unfinished for more than 6 years. We moved in 3 years ago and decide not to finish it (sand it). Linna was just born and Nelle was only 2 years old. I had no time nor willing to do that. Now we decide to […]

Long day…

Today was a long, long, long day. I woke up at 7 am and went outside to catch a sunlight while girls were sleeping. After 20 minutes I went back in to check if Helmī is up and she was. Smiling like a sun from her crib! Good morning! After breakfast, we discovered that our car doesn’t have the right towing hitch! […]