Linna in action!

This is good! I like where it is going! Sometimes Linna likes to help. Whenever I ask – she doesn’t want to help. She likes to come and help every time I keep my mouth shoot and ignore here. Nice!


Now I will have new tactics! I will start cleaning something and I hope, I really hope she will be with me for cleaning. I don’t like cleaning. That’s the one chore that won’t “solve” easily! The one annoying thing is – girls can make a mess in few minutes and another thing is… this house would never be clean – it’s old and renovated and not finished, so a lot of dust and “things” like small wood shavings always find the way to our living area. I guess this house has small wood shavings packed in between stories (for isolation)!?


So here I am willing to have little helpers in my daily chores!


21 thoughts on “Linna in action!

  1. It is how they learn, by copying you. My daughter was my helper years ago and now, my grandsons are offering to help. I never refuse their “help” even when it means more work for me because I know this is how they learn; by trying to help. When the work is finished I always congratulate them on a job well done then we celebrate their little successes with a happy dance.

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    1. Awwww! How sweet! I know those moments when they want to help and something inside you say “NooooooO!” but you smile and wave “Yes, no problem!” 🙂


  2. I have the same issue with my son, if I ever make him do anything, he will not do it. He has to get a chore started on his own to complete it. I used to reward him for doing chores when he was little. He can be very helpful; at times it takes a while to get him to clean his room.

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