Green – Brown – Terrible

It’s not like I don’t have anything to do! My daily schedule is full already! But.. I can’t stand that green kitchen wall. It’s so old and odd looking….  It won’t fit in my new kitchen! Actually, it didn’t fit in old one ether but then I didn’t care!


Now I’m burning daylight by scrubbing green paint off! And… under the green paint, that comes off almost easily is at least two coats of brown floor paint. Terrible! I decide to scrub the green paint off and then take a look, brown paint fits better than green in this kitchen!

There will be dust everywhere… green paint all over and I guess I’m a mess maker! Hurray! Say hip hip hurray for the mess maker! Instead of cleaning what already needed a “spring cleaning” I made a mess! And I like it! I’m a mess maker!


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