Yesterday’s trouble…

Yesterday I felt down… I felt tired, empty, a bit angry but most of the time anxious! I called the seller and he wrote an email to the manufacturer! He hopes to get another tap holding screw…


… but if you ask me, I would say, manufacturer, don’t physic and don’t do testing. It took me only two months to break that screw by using tap gently with care! Interesting… After the screw will be delivered I hope it stays in place for a long long time. If not – I would be sad.

Sorry for such bad posts lately, but I feel I can share whatever I want not only what makes me happy. Skip on my blog for few days and I hope my sadness will be gone 🙂


Also, I decide I don’t like that old green wall in the kitchen. So I took a knife and started to scratch… looks like it comes off easily. Also, you should know that this is old paint that contains Plumbum (Pb, lead)  so there is no option to heat it to get off and use of chemicals is completely out of options list, cause I care about my family health and I am a friend of Mother Nature.


9 thoughts on “Yesterday’s trouble…

  1. I’m really glad that you feel we who are reading your blog are supportive and that you can share the bad as well as the good with us. I’m sure I and others were feeling as bad as you about the broken tap after all your inspirational hard work. It’s good that the seller is doing something about it.
    I don’t know what to suggest for safety about the Pb paint other than remove the boards completely and replace them with ‘new’ timber. I hope you’re wearing a mask when you do yoir scraping.

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    1. I’m using a mask and the googles…And I can’t remove these boards 😦 or maybe I can….? It’s a side of stairs… I meant behind the wall is the stairs, that comes down to the right… I don’t know why this idea is hanging in my mind… I’ve checked and these boards are like ones for floor… with tongue and groove and are put together using nails… oh my… I don’t know if I can take them off…


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