Frustrated… and Tired!

Finally! I’m frustrated! It’s been a while so… it’s interesting to feel something else than joy in your body…


The reason for that is – kitchen tap! It just broke down!!!! I installed it few month ago.. and now it’s broken! Frustrated! Angry! And feeling down!


One part of holding screw is in my hand…


It feels like my DIY kitchen project is so old even kitchen tap can’t stand that! And if you think that I can change the tap or get my money back easily – you are wrong! I’m in Latvia and there’s nothing easy about “customer service”! I know I have rights to get it back but I just don’t have a gut to deal with the seller!

One part is still screwed inside the tap.

I hope you all feel much better than me today!



14 thoughts on “Frustrated… and Tired!

  1. So sorry to hear this Ilze. I can’t put a ‘like’ on this post as I don’t like what’s happened at all. Very brave of you to feel your state of mind is “interesting”. I can imagine that ‘customer service’ there is not always good but though it’s better here for sure, and we have several options if a seller or manufacturer lets us down, it can be frustrating here too sometimes, and expensive. I’m having similar problems with a car mechanic at the moment. I hope you find a way to solve it soon.

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    1. Thank you! I guess “like” is something that isn’t well used here in wordpress. But I don’t mind having a “like” under “good” post about “bad” things :). I do that way – It’s like a support!


    1. Thank you!!! Janis just changed to the old tap. By the way, it was one year old, still working but I decide to change to this one, cause it’s better “helper”. Actually I miss that “faulty” tap already! But I can live with relatively old one too!

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