Mail Day #1

I love Mail Days!!!

If there is something you bought you can’t wait for it to be delivered… her in Latvia it might take a while to deliver an item you ordered. For example – puzzles. Why!? Cause almost every internet shop orders items from Poland and then deliver to us :). It’s cheaper to send items to my studio address and it takes time to deliver “an announcement” and go to the post office and pick up the package.

This time delivery took even longer because of Holidays. I ordered puzzles. Yes, I know I’m a bit addicted but about that later on…

I was astonished when Janis came back from the city with three packages from Dimi for me! Mostly because we thought they were lost! Thank God they aren’t. What a nice feeling to open late Christmas presents! Like a dessert after dinner! Dimi told me that he is sending me a letter but a bit bigger (it was a huge box filled with a lot of goodies) and I asked him if he can bake a cake for me, again (he did on my birthday)! Well, he sent that too! Now I have to postpone keto diet, cause I have cake & Rich Tea cookies to eat… with Yorkshire Gold tea and Wensleydale cheese! Girls had presents too! And the best part – I got a second handwritten letter and a jigsaw puzzle!!!! Amazed!

I’m so happy and grateful to have Dimi as my blogging friend! He is beyond a good blogging friend!! Thank you, Dimi for being with me!


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