Day 1

Yesterday I took time to lit candles and sit for a while without any device or other distraction – to think about the year 2018 and what new excitement year 2019 will bring to me and to my family.

Candle light and my girls.

The first big “thought” was – OMG my girl will start school this autumn! Can you believe that – Nelle is 6 now!

Also, Linna has progressed in her speech and I hope this year we will have enough time and will to deal with all the problems!

Helmī is such a strong little lady. She is so sweet when we have friends over. She usually chooses hard topics to speak about. And has perfect facial expressions. She is clever, and only 3 years old!

And at the end I spent all the time thinking about they achievements and personalities. I love them and I hope to inspire them to DO and don’t be afraid to fail 🙂 To love, be responsible and respectful. To move on and to feel free to LIVE.


P.S. Yes I know.. I still need to think about MY OWN achievements and goals for 2019.

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