Day 1

Yesterday I took time to lit candles and sit for a while without any device or other distraction – to think about the year 2018 and what new excitement year 2019 will bring to me and to my family.

Candle light and my girls.

The first big “thought” was – OMG my girl will start school this autumn! Can you believe that – Nelle is 6 now!

Also, Linna has progressed in her speech and I hope this year we will have enough time and will to deal with all the problems!

Helmī is such a strong little lady. She is so sweet when we have friends over. She usually chooses hard topics to speak about. And has perfect facial expressions. She is clever, and only 3 years old!

And at the end I spent all the time thinking about they achievements and personalities. I love them and I hope to inspire them to DO and don’t be afraid to fail 🙂 To love, be responsible and respectful. To move on and to feel free to LIVE.


P.S. Yes I know.. I still need to think about MY OWN achievements and goals for 2019.

12 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. I can’t get over how quickly the girls are growing. It must mean I am aging as quickly as they are but do not want to acknowledge it. May 2019 bring health, happiness and contentment to you and your family. Love the photo of the girls. I know it’s one of yours and quite lovely.

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    1. Thank you! I wish your family health, happiness and love! I never had problem with aging 🙂 Everyone makes a big deal when it’s 30. I had no special feelings. Also about 35 – didn’t had. This year I’m turning 36 and that isn’t a big deal too. I hope I continue to feel the same at 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 etc 😀

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  2. Your girls are a wonderful reflection of you Ilze, and of course Jānis, and as someone else said already, your greatest achievement.
    As for New Year resolutions, I never make them but this year I have made an exception and made just one. It’s a secret, but … …

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