Handwritten letter

I received a handwritten letter from my friend Dimi! I can’t remember the last time I had received a handwritten letter! Maybe in high school! I’m not talking about Christmas cards and Birthday wishes but about REAL HANDWRITTEN LETTER on multiple pages!

While I Opened up my letter I remembered when was the last time I received the letter… and I paused for a while. And if this letter brings me the same feeling I had the last time I read a handwritten letter!? I don’t want to cause last time I receive a handwritten letter was 9 years ago (or more) from my ex-boyfriend. It was a love letter (2 years after separation) full of sadness and after reading it I felt terrible and cried. I felt uncomfortable.

After a flashback, I opened the letter, but the client came into my studio, so I brought the letter home… It’s already 3 days since I received it but I’m too afraid to read it! I know there won’t be sadness nor unexpected emotions, but still… handwritten letters give me “strange” feelings…


20 thoughts on “Handwritten letter

  1. Of course you are right – no sadness, rather the opposite – nor unexpected emotions. I know you don’t have time to read other blog posts but on mine you would see that I have fallen in love with the fountain pen, so a letter to you was inevitable. I’m sorry the mere sight of it brought back sad memories for you but when you have time to read it those should go away I hope.

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  2. Sometimes the anticipation of what could be often is more enticing than the actual event itself; be brave, read it; I know you will enjoy the letter thoroughly. It is far too seldom any of us get a hand written letter. In our house we call it “Real Mail” when something comes that was sent from someone we know. You know the type where someone actually thought about you enough to send a letter; not a quick card, not an email, not a text, not a call…..an actual letter. Wow! I am envious.
    Thank you for sharing, your post prompted me to write about “Real Mail”: https://atticsister.wordpress.com/2018/11/15/real-mail/?fbclid=IwAR2AofRHMP-Z_8xrK17Ox341ZiYblD84ydbUkC9wo5djkOsV_NURyZcRR7c

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    1. Thank you a lot! I already read your blog post. Lovely! I remember how we expected a letter from USA (my grandmothers brother escaped to USA in WWII) and we sat around the table and granmother read it… and there were poloroid too – never seen before! Amaizing! I think I want to read those letters again, cause she kept them all together in the black oak “bufet”.

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  3. How wonderful that your grandmother held onto these letters to give you a time capsule of sorts from the past. Even though these letters may be from someone you may not be close to, they hold windows into your past. I love reading the letters from my mother’s family that were handed down with her family photos and genealogical information. Sadly, before she died Mom didn’t explain who these people were or how they were related so now I get to figure out the connections for myself. I think that will be a winter project and maybe a future blog.

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