Handwritten letter

I received a handwritten letter from my friend Dimi! I can’t remember the last time I had received a handwritten letter! Maybe in high school! I’m not talking about Christmas cards and Birthday wishes but about REAL HANDWRITTEN LETTER on multiple pages!

While I Opened up my letter I remembered when was the last time I received the letter… and I paused for a while. And if this letter brings me the same feeling I had the last time I read a handwritten letter!? I don’t want to cause last time I receive a handwritten letter was 9 years ago (or more) from my ex-boyfriend. It was a love letter (2 years after separation) full of sadness and after reading it I felt terrible and cried. I felt uncomfortable.

After a flashback, I opened the letter, but the client came into my studio, so I brought the letter home… It’s already 3 days since I received it but I’m too afraid to read it! I know there won’t be sadness nor unexpected emotions, but still… handwritten letters give me “strange” feelings…


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