We all know Mondays… Really!? NO! I would say “No! It is the same as the other days!” …six years ago! But now – OMG! Tomorrow is Monday!…Twice more coffee!


And like it wouldn’t be enough! That “Monday” thing is real even if you are staying at home mom. And those who are saying “Mondays aren’t so bad it is your job that sucks” I have no jog and I’m free to plan my chores, but still “Monday” is something.

Usually, if I don’t want to do anything I don’t do.. don’t push myself. There will be those dishes and laundry on Tuesday too, no worry! Or a dirty floor, no problem, let it stay dirty for one more day…

If the girls are in the kindergarten I turn music on and make breakfast for me and Janis, coffee and take a nice cup and just “doing nothing” til 12:30 when I need to go and take Nelle to the School of Art.

After that, I have to stay in Gulbene for one hour, but I really can’t find anything to do… the air is better at my place :)… maybe I should try library!? GrumpyTyke what do you think!?

After that I bring Nelle home … and here you go – I have a kid at home and have to play and be with it the rest of the day until other girls are coming home.

So, Tuesday is a better day than Monday for doing chores 🙂

I love to be at home in leggings and T-shirt. Feeling good!


P.S. Laine & Sanita: Good luck on your exam! I love learning but I hate to proof I’m good 🙂

16 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Hi Ilze. First, to answer your question: I don’t of course how the Gulbene library is but a visit while Nelle is at her art and crafts class is an idea. If you do it please let us know something about the library; you know a lot about the one in which I spent a lot of time recently. In some ways I miss it.
    As for Mondays, as an ‘early morning person’ I don’t mind it because the need to get up early after the weekend has never bothered me but I can see why you don’t welcome it.
    Whatever you’re doing, have a lovely day – seeing what your creative little one has been up to with her art must be something good for Mondays.

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  2. Monday’s are usually my slowest day of the workweek so I try to do everything I didn’t finish on Sunday today!
    Try to enjoy the time with your baby girl, it’s almost gone and she too will be in school all day. Then you will be cleaning just to have something to do

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  3. Hi, my name is Carolyn, I’m new to your blog, I found you because you liked a page in my new blog!!! I’m from USA, near Boston, Massachusetts, it will be so interesting for me to learn about your country, one that I have maybe heard of, but wasn’t conscious of until now!!! We live so far away but in many ways go through the same things, like Mondays. On Mondays I take care of my 98 year old mom from 7 am until 11 am, she’s only a 10 minute drive from my home, but still it is so hard to get up and go!! The rest of the day is spent doing chores, shopping, cooking, laundry, gearing up for the rest of the week which is very busy. I take care of my mom on Tuesdays and Fridays also and work as a kindergarten assistant teacher on Thursday and Fridays. I’m 65 years old, have a wonderful husband, two grown children, two grandchildren, who live an eight hour drive away from me!! I’m blessed with a good life, however, I’m a little stuck because of taking care of my mom, I can’t go anywhere for too long, because she needs constant care, of which I’m in charge of…which is one reason why I started my blog…therapy!! How is the weather in Latvia? We just had 19 inches of snow and very cold temps!! Looking forward to reading more of your charming blog and learning about the people and customs of your country!!
    Kind regards, Carolyn

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  4. I look forward to every other Monday because I am OFF every other Monday, LOL! I love that you can spend some time with your husband away from kids, every couple needs time to catch up and eat a meal together alone even if it is a quick breakfast. I do not like to plan a lot for my day off, I just will just get frustrated not accomplishing all my goals for the day. Enjoy your slow Monday with your kids. Love libraries, I used to go often to borrow books for Nick (my now 14 year old) when he was little. I would love to go back and borrow a book to read, have not been reading for a while now, crafted instead and watch A LOT of Netflix.

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