500 posts already!

500 posts! 500 memories! This was a surprise that came up in my notification list yesterday! I’m not following numbers on my blog, so it’s always a nice surprise 🙂 Feeling good. Can’t wait to share another 500! Ilze

Another year!? 2nd Anniversary.

The blog post “Up till 5am” posted on January 9, 2017, was a point where I realize I’m not afraid to be less than perfect, miserable, confused, different and powerless! It was like a self-discovery without jugging.  Two years ago I’ve started to “be myself”, to love myself and to write freely to keep my memories alive and I’m thankful […]

My newbie blog 1-year-old already!

There is something about my feelings right now… … I can’t believe how much things have happened this year! ONE year! The first year of this blog that I made a year ago… I can’t express my feelings in English, so I hope to share a few “facts” :). First of all… I’ve started this blog being absolutely miserable newbie […]