DIY: Second section (Sink & Dishwasher)

And… the sun is shining and the weather is sweet again.. and I’m continuing with my kitchen unit making! I made the first part which was the baking corner. It turned out beautiful and is exactly what I need! I’m still can’t decide whether it will be covered in oil or other finish… So…


Now it’s time to make the second section of my kitchen units. The part that has sink built in and place for the dishwasher. It won’t be that easy, I guess.

As before I have to glue boards together to make a countertop for the section.


I’m not a kitchen ergonomic expert, but I wanted my dishwasher toΒ beΒ located on the left from the sink. So there is not much to plan: first from the right will be the sink and then dishwasher.

How is your dishwasher located?


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