Nelles beloved Godmother Viola

That was unexpected. Viola from Berlin visited us on Sunday! My girls were happy and so was I. I knew that she flew to Latvia on Friday night but I wasn’t sure if she finds time to visit us, she was there for a cousins wedding. The bride is Janis cousin too, but we weren’t invited. We aren’t that close, I guess.


Nelle couldn’t believe that Viola stands in her room at first. She looked twice and then hug and kiss her twice and got shy. But after a minute Nelle was back to normal.


I quickly cooked soup in the kitchen where is no kitchen at all. I did it in between mess and house repair. And we had lovely dinner at home.


Nelle loves Viola and Viola loves Nelle! Viola took Nelle and Linna to the local restaurant – Vecgulbenes Manor for an ice cream.


Lovely Sunday!


8 thoughts on “Nelles beloved Godmother Viola

  1. hey Ilze I think we had lunch there once – is that when you head out to the right from our place through Gulbene? They had such beautiful mushroom soup – i think it had an old carriage out the front when we were there – is it the same do you think? Ah I miss it and all of you beautiful humans 🙂

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