DIY: Oven & Hob section / Part 3

Forgot to share my progress on DIY Kitchen unit project. So here it is! Will you believe me if I’d say that I’m tired of a messy unfinished kitchen! But there’s nothing to blame but me :). And that’s hard… It’s easier to blame husband or worker than “GO&DO” by yourself! Isn’t it?! 🙂 SO, I will do it by myself till the end! Or so I thought…

… I messed with the gas top size a bit! For about 2 mm! It didn’t fit! And I was too frustrated! I asked Janis to do sawing! He gladly helped me with sawing and the gas (LPG) connection. It not like I don’t know how to join the stuff… actually I figured out that by myself, I just had my late and was a “proper woman” for a second while Janis did all the hard work!

And now a bit about how it is in our family! You may think “Poor Ilze, Janis isn’t doing his  “job” and she needs to make and install and paint and oil.. and etc all the man jobs by herself!”. It might look like that from posts I’m writing. BUT. Janis is a big help, he supports me, help when I want him to help, but basically, I like doing things like that. Sometimes I wish for helping hand and Janis is ALWAYS there! It’s me, not him 🙂

So, here I am… almost finished! ALMOST! But it’s going HARD! I will finish! I already counted the “left hours” of sanding… and it’s 6 hours!!!! 6 hours to finish with those tools & boards I have. It’s hard when “Already jumped over the dog only tail left” (Don’t know the English saying, when a job is almost finished and you need “second breath” to finish!).

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